OH495A/OH496B Linear Hall IC

PN: OH496B  Output Voltage: 0.2~(VCC-0.2)  Sensitivity: 2.5±0.2mV/GS  Package: TO-92S

PN: OH495A  Output Voltage:0.2~(VCC-0.2)  Sensitivity:3.125±0.125mV/GS  Package: TO-92S

Supply Voltage


Operating Temp


Output Voltage



SS496B, SS495A

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The OH490 series products are the high precision linear circuit, and the full voltage range (Rail-to-Rail) output of the product is more effective for the accurate measurement. The output voltage is set by the supply voltage and varies in proportion to the strength of the magnetic field. It can be applied to the measurement of the movement, distance, position sensor, and so on. It is also suitable for the use of harsh environments or severe pollution.


  • Miniature Construction
  • Single Current Sourcing Output
  • Linear Output for Circuit Design Flexibility
  • Low Noise Output Virtually Eliminates the Need for Filtering
  • A Stable and Accurate Output
  • Responds to Either Positive or Negative Gauss

Absolute Maximum Rating

Supply Voltage VCC·························12V

Operating Temperature Range TA······················· -20~100℃

Storage Temperature Range TS ·························-50~150℃

Transfer Characteristics (VCC=5V)

When there is no outside magnetic field (B=0GS), the quiescent output voltage is one-half the supply voltage in general. If a south magnetic pole approaches to the front face (the side with marking ID) of the Hall effect sensor, the circuit will drive the output voltage higher. Contrary, a north magnetic pole will drive the output voltage lower. The variations of voltage level up or down are symmetrical.



Electrical & Magnetic Characteristics (TA=25℃,Vcc=5.0V)


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