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The cost of a Hall effect IC (Integrated Circuit) can vary widely depending on several factors including the specific model, manufacturer, and quantity ordered. Prices can range from a few cents to a few dollars per piece. To get an accurate price for a particular Hall IC, it’s best to contact a supplier or manufacturer directly for a current quote based on your specific requirements.

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We, at OUZHUO, believe we can do better with partners than we could by ourselves. We look forward to explore partnering opportunities that would maximise respective strengths and common goals. 

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OUZHUO serves our customers all over the world from China headquarters and North America Office. If there is no distributor in your area, please feel free to contact us at


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Our website is one of the official portals to provide you the necessary information and live chat, as well as sample orders.

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With over 30 years of history, PROD.EL. has been able to evolve in the distribution of electronic components, becoming a reliable partner able to meet the needs imposed by the market.

The company was born and developed as an alternative to classic distribution, focusing on the ability to find any brand ; it also supports a stock of electronic components in the warehouse that allows the daily processing of orders received.

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The market for sensors and switches will nearly double in the next 5 years to meet the demand of automation. Elexip is intent of taking full advantage of this opportunity.   We resource and distribute of magneticsensors and switch ICs in North America. Our products are used in a wide variety of manufacturing control systems and consumer goods. They address needs from a whole spectrum of applications including speed and flow sensors, control switches and valves, to sorting machines and brushless motors. 

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