High-temperature Latch hall IC, Motor control

Supply voltage

Operating point (Bop)

Release point (BRP)

Operating temperature

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OH41F Hall effect Latch IC Datasheet

General Description

OH41F Hall sensor IC latch on to a first pole (North or South) until a magnetic field of sufficient strength of the opposite polarity is near the sensor IC. They internally consist of a reverse voltage protection device, voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, a differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and the open collector output level. On-board regulation provides stable operation over a 4Vdc to 30 Vdc supply voltage range. These sensors are capable of continuous 20 mA sinking output and maybe cycled as high as 50 mA max. The digital, open collector sinking-type output is easily interfaced with a wide variety of electronic circuits. Flat TO-92S, SOT89, and SOT23 package style are available.


  • 4V to 30V DC operation voltage
  • Open-Collector sinking type
  • 50mA maximum sinking output current.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Good temperature performance


  • The brushless DC motor internal reversing
  • The motor speed and direction detection
  • The motor of the electric bicycle, power-assisted device
  • Speed sensor, counter
  • The flow sensor, flow meter
  • The automotive odometer, speed sensor

Functional Block Diagram

Functional Block Diagram


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