Application of Hall switch in electric bicycle and electric scooter

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Hall IC in Ebike

The Hall switch is mainly used in the brushless motor, the throttle, and the pedal assist.

 The electric bicycle motor is generally a three-phase brushless motor, using the latch Hall effect sensor IC, for example, OH413, OH41, or the unipolar Hall effect IC OH3144, OH44E. The positive power line of the Hall sensor is connected to 5V-12V DC, which is mostly 5V. First, the control unit must turn on the current position of the motor rotor according to the Hall sensor and then turn on (or turn off) the converter according to the stator winding. The order of the power transistors causes the current to flow sequentially through the motor coil to produce a forward (or reverse) rotating magnetic field that interacts with the magnet of the rotor, thus enabling the motor to rotate clockwise/reversely. When the rotor of the motor rotates to the position where the hall-sensor induces another set of signals, the control unit turns on the next set of power transistors, so that the cycle motor can continue to rotate in the same direction until the control unit decides to stop the motor rotor. Transistor; to reverse the rotor of the motor, the power transistors are turned on in reverse order.


Because the electric bicycle is equipped with an electric throttle, so when we turn it, the electric bike starts. Ouzhuo’s linear Hall-effect sensor IC OH49E used in the handle, which is usually bonded to the inner ring of the handle, fixed on the handlebar, and the corresponding magnet is glued to the movable part of the handle, the output voltage depends on the strength of the magnetic field around the Hall sensor. Rotating the handle changes the magnetic field, and the Hall component sends a sensing signal to control the speed of the motor through the controller.


The pedal assist allows you to ride with minimal effort. The power sensor is mounted on the pedal part of the electric bicycle. The function is to transmit information such as the current rider’s cadence and pedaling force to the controller. The sensor will feedback your pedaling condition to the controller, and then the controller will control the motor to work in a boosted mode.


The following are the datasheets of related hall sensors:



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