OH12A InSb Hall effect Element

Insb Hall sensor, Input resistance: 240 to 550Ω @ I=0.1mA, Output Resistance : 240 to 550Ω @ I=0.1mA, When Vin=1V, B=500G(Constant Voltage), Output voltage: 123 to 320mV. According to Output voltage, the following Ranks are available: Rank C: 168 to 204mV, Rank D: 196 to 236mV, Rank E: 228 ~ 274mV Rank F: 228 to 274mV

Supply Voltage

(Constant Voltage

Operating Temp

-40 to 120 ℃

Output Voltage

123 to 320mV



Datasheet Download

OH12AF hall effect element datasheet


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