OH3144 Unipolar Hall IC

Unipolar Hall sensor, active low

Supply voltage

Operating point (Bop)

Release point (BRP)

Operating temperature

Average supply current

Output current



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OH3144 Unipolar Hall IC Datasheet

Product description

OH3144 Hall switches IC internally consists of reverse voltage protection device, voltage regulator, Hall voltage generator, a differential amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and the open collector output level, which can change magnetic field signals into a digital voltage output. With the typical feature of small size and stable performance, OH3144 is widely used in all kinds of position control, speed detection, flow detection occasions as a non-contact switch.


  • Respond to a South pole
  • 4V to 24V DC operation voltage
  • 25mA maximum sinking output current.
  • Open-Collector pre-driver
  • Reverse Polarity Protection


  • The brushless DC motor internal reversing
  • The motor speed and direction detection
  • The motor of the electric bicycle, power-assisted device
  • Speed sensor, counter
  • The flow sensor, flow meter
  • The automotive odometer, speed sensor

Magnetic-electrical Transfer Characteristics


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